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Drinking Water Guard (10Pcs/Carton)

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Product introduction

Product Features:

1. Purify and Remove Residual Chlorine

Efficiently remove chlorine in tap water, prevent the generation of carcinogens, as Tri-chloromethane and Trichloroacetic acid.

2. Efficiently Remove Lead and Other Heavy Metals

The filter medium of AST material can filter out the positive ion dissolved in tap water and other soluble heavy metals. With the AST material, this product could effectively reduce the harm to human beings caused by decomposition of lead and heavy metals.

3. Turn the Tap Water into Weak Alkalinity Water

 Weak Alkalinity Water has good solubility in blood lipids and glycerin, could effectively break down fat, and also keep body fluid balance.

4. Mineralize and Increase Zinc Content

Increasing the Zinc content in tap water, which could help to promote the synthesis of various enzyme.

5. Produce Oxygen-rich Small Molecule Water

Small molecule water has strong activity, penetrability, dissolving capacity and diffusibility,  can promote metabolism and detoxification.

6. Decontamination and Deodorization

    Efficiently remove pesticide residues and activate water.

Has functions as self-purification, bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect, deodorization and decontamination.

7. Generate Negative Potential

Increase antioxidant capacity, promote metabolism, help to purify blood.


   10 pcs / Carton

Installation Instruction


Use and maintenance

1. Make water flow through for ten seconds before everyday using, you can begin to use it when the water is clean.

2. It is suggested to clean the water filter half a month to ensure the water quality.

3. It is suggested to change the filter core one year.

4. This product is available for daily use in the condition of the national standard of tap water.

5. Temperature of input water is between 4-80°C.

6. Please do not clean the water filter with detergent, washing powder, diluent, oil and so on, in case to prevent from damage, crack, and discoloration.