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YIBEILE Children Toothpaste (Strawberry Flavor) YIBEILE Children Toothpaste (Strawberry Flavor)

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About the product

YIBEILE Children Toothpaste (Strawberry Flavor)


Product Features:

Strawberry Flavor

Designed for kids over 2 years old

Plant Extract   Natural Protection

• The soft abrasive material is carefully selected to effectively clean the food residue left on the teeth, protect the delicate gums of the children.

• The fluorine-free formula helps the children to protect their teeth and avoid fluoride intake.

• Vitamin C and Calcium are added to protect teeth, soothe gum and keep oral healthy.

• No artificial sweetener, caters to the gums of children, and protects their tooth enamel.



Net WT: 80g

72 tubes / Carton


Suitable for:

Kids over 2 years old.



Suggest using twice every day with proper method of brushing teeth.



If you feel any discomfort, please stop using.



Store in a dry and cool place.


Shelf Life: 3 years

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